Beer Pong Anyone?

Beer Pong Anyone?

Have you got what it takes to step to the table and take on players from all over the globe and still make it out in one piece? Even if you haven’t, it doesn’t matter, you can still get involved in the fun. Here are at

Here are at Lub d, we pride ourselves on offering our guests a service like no other, and beer pong is just one of those services. We regularly host beer pong nights as part of our weekly scheduled. Guests can meet fellow travellers from all over the globe and go head to head in a clash of the titans, for the title of undisputed beer pong champions. Even if your beer pong skills are not up to scratch, you can still get involved and make some new friends on the way.

So next time you’re about, pick up some of our happy hour beers and get practising because you never know, you could be crowned the next Lub d Beer Pong Champ!



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