Eat-in … for free

Eat-in … for free

Hungry? On a budget? Want to try delicious local cuisines? I guess the answer to all three is yes! It is where your good friends at Lub d have you covered. As part of our “Eat-In” night, we offer our guests a variety of local dishes for absolutely free! (Yep you read that right.)

We serve our guests with some exciting local dishes ranging from exquisite choices for the adventurous to some classics for the less adventurous. If you’ve been a bit scared to try out some of the local food so far, this is the perfect opportunity to pick and try a bit (or a lot) of each dish; and who knows, you may even discover your new favourite food.

So make sure you check our schedule and find out when the next “Eat-In” night is happening. Grab a few of our excellent value happy hour beers on the side and have a feast that definitely won’t break the bank!



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