Pop ‘til you can’t stop

Pop ‘til you can’t stop

Here at Lub d, we’ve got it popping off every single day. We offer our guests free popcorn that’s popped freshly in house. So if you’re peckish and need a snack while deciding what to eat, head over to our popcorn cart, grab a bucket and help yourself to as much popcorn as you want. Why not grab some popcorn as a bar snack while you indulge in our happy hour beer and cocktail offers. Or if you fancy a quiet night in, head up to our theatre room and get some relaxation time; put on a movie and grab yourself some popcorn for an authentic movie night in.

So next time you’re about, help yourself to as much popcorn as you want, but be careful, once you pop, you may not be able to stop!



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