The adventure tale from Lub d guest

The adventure tale from Lub d guest

For this blog post, we’re doing something different. Instead of giving you a virtual tour, and what-to-dos, we’re going to give you some inside stories straight from our travellers to give you an insight of the travel stories that come and go through our hostel.

Our first post is about Arlo, who’s a young traveller from Dubai, who’s visiting Thailand for the first time, and has been travelling for about two weeks.

Q1 – Where do you plan to go? What do you plan on doing?
A – There’s so much to do here, including the little things that you don’t usually hear about. The few things that I will definitely do before I leave is visiting a Tiger Temple, because honestly, how often do you get to pet a tiger? I want to go from Pai to Chiang Mai on a motorcycle. A few people have mentioned that it is quite an amazing experience. From breathtaking sites to seeing elephants in the wild.

Q2 – What kind of friends have you made on your journey, and what have you done together?
A – I’ve made friends from all over the world. Germany, US, Australia, UK, Turkey, Canada, Egypt, Brazil. They were all amazing people, whom I had a lot of fun with. One thing I remember was when we went to Nana Plaza. We had only heard of it and had no idea it was a Red Light District. But the best part was our hunt for a bar one of us had heard. We ran up and down the entire Sukhumvit Road looking for it, asking people, gathering maps, moving between markets and individuals in the search. It was the most fun I had. We ultimately ended up at Nana Plaza because we couldn’t find the bar. So someday we’re hoping to find that bar again once we’re all in Bangkok again at the same time!

Q3 – What aspect of travelling do you think everyone should experience in their lifetime?
A – The connections you make. And it’s not just people. It’s the world around you. You might find yourself in a park, and just feel part of the place. It’s truly an amazing feeling. But meeting people is my favourite part, particularly in this hostel where it’s so easy to meet people. Only when you travel and meet people, do you realise how much you can relate to so many people, and that kind of gives you a peace of mind which is quite hard to find.

Q4 – What’s been your most memorable experience so far that you’ll never forget?
A – A few people I met were going to Pattaya, including me. So we decided to go to Koh Larn, which is an island off the coast of Pattaya, for two days. They’re about 5 or 6 beaches around the island. The furthest one is the quietest one. We had to rent out motorcycles and go up and down the hills which were really thrilling. But the beach, that was the best part. It was a busy time of day, and it was quite empty, which made it even better. It was silent and completely calm. It was perfect.

Q5 – Is there any advice you want to give people visiting Thailand for the first time?
A – Go with the flow. Be a little flexible on a few things, and you’ll be surprised how many interesting stories you’ll have to tell by the end of your trip! (Oh, and make sure to pack plenty of mosquito repellent!)



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